Thoughts of Meadow is a generative program that applies different geometric deformations to a grid of rectangles. Some of these deformations create the illusion of complex, three-dimensional shapes.

Each edition stands alone as a reminder that rectangles and lines can produce such wonderful things.


The project was almost called Pentimento, which is the concept that elements of the artwork exist underneath the final layer. Over time these changes from the artist may be revealed as the art fades, or they may remain unseen.

I think this concept extends beyond the phsyical piece and includes the artist's life, which has become as much of a pentimento as anything else. All the change, opportunities, mistakes, successes, and challenges are there, hidden underneath that final product that we get to adore.

This project was made with that concept in mind, and was an attempt at representing the changes that occur in our lives, gradually working towards something we couldn't have expected at any point prior. 

Lastly, it's not possible for me to think about inspiration without remembering the words and work of Vera Molnár and Agnes Martin.